Barcode Scanner

Hand Held :Barcode-Scanner-8110
These light weight barcode scanners are operated manually by firing a connected with computer generally trigger. It can be used in any area, where required scanning distance retail, libraries, service sector, courier industry, hospitals. These are most economical scanning option. This category of scanners are backed by CCD / Laser / Imaging technology. We have variety of models to choose from.

Table Top : 
Barcode-Scanner-OrbitThis category of scanners are little bigger & heavy, compared to hand held ones connected with computers. These are also known as stationary scanner as they are once fixed at a specific location. The items to be scanned has to be brought here to table top scanner, unlike hand held Barcode-Scanner-Horizonscanner where scanner can reach the product ( within specified location). These can be fixed vertically or horizontally and mostly throws multiple light beams on target ensuring 100% scanning. Irrespective of barcode label’s orientation. These are expensive than hand held scanners. Mostly these are led in last moving retail/ industrial environment. We have wide range of models to choose from.

Wireless :
Barcode-Scanner-WirelessThis category of scanners are mostly hand held type & are operated manually by fising a trigger, but used at a distant place from computer. Primarily it was designed to scan the object, which can’t be brought near computer, because of its shape, weight or any other logistic constraint. It scans such distant objects & transmit the data to remote computer. These are also expensive ones because of their complexed
electronics. Generally these scanners are used in retail / industrial
environment, where working area is large. We offer variety of best of
wireless scanners from world leaders.

Memory Scanners :
Barcode-Scanner-cs1504This category of scanners are very light weight & hand held. These are used at a distant location, where you can’t carry, computer and compare to wireless scanner, very very economical. It can be used in any environment ( retail / export / library / hospital / courier / service/ industry ) , where little amount of data needs to be scanned at a remote location, stored & later transferred to computer for further processing.    

we have wide variety of memory scanners, to choose from.

Hand Held 8110, 8250, LS2208, 5145, 9520
Table Top Orbit, Horizon, Quantum
Wireless 9535
Memory CS1504,HC 100, Zebex

Barcode Printers

Entry Level :
This category of bar code printers are of very basic in looks, features and quality. Following are few most common features :
2” or 4” wide print width
203 dots per inch (dpi) print resolution
Print speed up to 3 inches per second ( ips)
Most economical

You can use these printer’s for moderate period of once at a stretch. They come in plastic body. For smaller retailers / libraries / exporters, these bar code printers are the best choice. Sometimes, event larger organization install multiple of these printers, rather than going for limited nos. of expensive high end printers.

Middle Level :
This category of barcode printers are superior in looks, features & quality. Following are few most common features.
4” wide print width
203 / 300 dpi print resolution
Print speed up to 6 ips
Moderately priced

These printers are much sturdier, thus can be used for longer period at a stretch. They come in either solid plastic or metal body, which makes them de to withstand heavy industrial uses. For small to medium chain of stores / manufacturers / exporters, these barcode printer  are the right choice.

We offer variety of models, to meet diversed needs of various industries.

High end :
Barcode Printers-High endThis category of barcode printers are super most in looks, features & quality. Following are few most common features:
4” /6”/ 8” wide print width
203 / 300 /400 dpi print resolution
Print speed up to 8” ips
Expensively priced

Barcode Printers-High endThese are the most rugged barcode printer made with solid metal body. These can be used for many hours continuously and made to withstand harsh industrial uses environment. These are suitable for large manufacturing organisation where for online through put is key requirement , variety of models can be offered, depending upon uses, volumes & specific requirements.